Polo Forest

In the busy life of a human being when he become distraught then he required “peace,” and for this peace he in search of any peaceful space. There is often some space before our eyes but we’re left with a featureless are overlooked.

Similarly this, in a quiet and scenic place is a Polo Forest Vijayanagar in Sabarkantha district of Gujarat Harnav River along the east section of polo in the forests of the tumour.  Polo is rich with natural beauty. The view of the mountains, forests and stretch of the river Harnav is picturesque. Here is an invaluable gift given by nature. So this is most important place for the nature lover. So, this type people can also do some , adventure activities  like Mountaineering, trekking, hiking, river crossing, etc.

Between the ridges of Arrvalli situated this place is known as “mini Kashmir”. Polo forest 289.02 sq. KM area is surrounded by forest. Hear ridges of sea level height is 300 meters.

In this forests have various animals, such as bears, Leopard, striped hyena, etc. and
kingfisher, hornbills, owls, etc. birds are inhabited. As well as various species of wild flowers, herbs and on the Harnav River located vanaj dam is make picturesque scene.

Polo has a not only in natural resources but also in terms of architectural sculpture has a prominent location. Polo is an ancient Shiva temples and Jain temples carved into is awesome.

Polo is in the Jain temples and Lord Shiva temples are built from padihar king nearby 12th century to the 15th century.

The polo have a large history but if we undusted in short, rao chandaji name Rajput king was ruled in idar state, nearby 1720AD rao chandaji was killed his father-in-low with Fraudulent appropriation and Had usurped the throne, and had established a formal rule.

Around the 15th century in polo About 15 temples were constructed. The sun, shiva, shakt  and The cult of Jain temple are seems, Of which 8 are fragmentary condition, The rest have been destroyed completely. Currently polo’s lakhenana Jain dera (sun temple), in sharneshvar shiv mandir, as well sandevant shavaninga’s temple are Intermittent condition is found.

Polo in the engraving of the Temple of the Sun has been working very closely. The Temple of the wonderful craftsmanship at a time is an excellent overview of the architecture. On the main gate symbol of Jain’s lord Parshvnath Figure engraved. Temple of the round elephant, horses, Goddess Goodness, Apsaras, Vyala, creeper – leaves, carved of the finest. from Polo 2KM further saranesvara mahadev temple is located. The temple of Lord Shiva is the half of the clitoris from upper side. It is a myth that when the temple was built that time it has 7 floor, but now only 1 floor is save. This temple was formed in 400 CE. The main gate of the temple

Lord Shiva statue indicator. Other sculptures brahma, Vishnu, vayu, Agni, yam and apsaras. This is in addition to the 5 km away from the Antarsumba shakti temple, shivpanchayatan temple, shiv temple , as well there Kirtitorana of engraving and emboss is excellent.

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