Navdera – Jain Temple Antersubha

This is situated on the banks of the river close to the proximity of the Aantarsuba village, this architecture is highly influenced by the Jain architecture and has Shiv Panchayatan Temple 2. The Navdera signifies the Nine Deras and has a mythological existence of love between Prince Sadevanta and Saavlinga-a local village girl, although this temple has not received an archeological substantial agreement. Jain temples here have a specific design and the relic ruins here boast of the grand historical past. To understand this architecture, one will require a brief introduction of the Shivpanchayatan temples.

Well known as Lakhena Jain Temple, this temple is a constellation of one of the three temples mentioned earlier. Compared to the other two that have similar architectures, this temple has a bigger geographical coverage. Fairly in a good shape believed to be constructed alongside the 15th century inline to the other two temples. Combination of bricks and stones, this temple has three units, there are several areas where one will see sharp ended carvings across the temple. As of now the temple is ruined but some parts of the temple is still significant.

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