There remains the matured relic having archeological importance hidden amongst the woods on the banks of river Harnav that is situated in the North East sector in district of Sabarkantha close to a province named Khedbhrambha. These historical monuments are scattered across starting from Aantarsubasharam to Aabhapur that one may witness on both the sides of the waterways. These testimonials are spread across the famous Arvalli range boasting of its austere natural beauty that is accessible by the regional state transport. There are about 14 monuments that have temples of Shaiv, Shaakt, Sun similar to those of the nostalgic Tamlaan, Udarva Darshan ones that include the characteristics of 15th to the 16th century similarities; hence this remains an attraction for those who show keen interest in ancient architectural significance, nonetheless these monuments were preserved by the archeological department, it reflects to introduce the glamorous history to the current generation.

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