POLO Safari will take you through the diversity of POLO forest & will experience you the close encounters with nature. COME.STAY.EXPLORE.

The polo forest ,where sun rises with the million rays and shatter his warmth , experience it .where bird sings and spread their charm with their innocence voices ,feel it .where wind blows and tickle the branches of tree and makes them laugh, join it. where mother nature tells the stories of our countless centuries in earth and its unforgettable history ,feel it .Welcome to the lap of mother nature , welcome to the polo- forest , welcome to polo safari .

Polo safari has become the first choice among the people while concern with tour Organization Company and the prestigious name while concomitant to the tourism and traveling .located in Ahmadabad we have made the place of our top notch service provider encompassed by contemporaries in Gujarat.

With the motto of dishing out the desired performance we have been considered the prestige of Gujarat, since working with enormous amount of hard work and the dedication of our team is the keen part in the success of the traveling and its tourism market.

Since a decade Gujarat with its silent growing process and the elegant way of welcoming the tourist worldwide it has become the hot spot in the midst of people who loves traveling more than anything, and among natural spots, polo -forest is the ultimate natural beauty and renown of its natural resources, historical places, and religious heritages. The polo safari has also a wide territory in Archeological & Heritage Tourism,

Cultural Tourism, Religious Tourism, Wildlife Tourism for those people who knows the value of exploring ,visiting and who constantly placing somewhere where they have never been before.

The faith that we have gain through a year of tourists makes us the first choice of disciple among tourism contemporaries in the Gujarat.

And the serving beyond the desired performance has created what we are. And it’s the only future and present aim of polo safari.

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